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Fight Drugs and Receive a West Virginia Tax Credit, Support Brian's Safehouse

- 12/14/2016
Neighborhood Investment Program - A West Virginia Partnership With Brian's Safehouse

Fight Drugs and Receive a West Virginia Tax Credit

Make a donation and get half back.  Really.  The state of West Virginia is partnering with Brian’s Safehouse in the fight against addiction by offering tax credits to individuals and businesses making donations of $500 or more to the Brian’s Safehouse Expansion Project.  This exciting program provides tax credits in the amount of half your donation and can be used to pay up to half of your WV taxes each year*.   

Why donate to Brian’s Safehouse?  In addition to receiving half your money back from the state of West Virginia in the form of tax credits, you can still count your full donation on your itemized federal taxes – and you provide much-needed funds to help in the fight against addiction.  Our young people are dying.  Overdoses, suicide, and even drug related murders fill our local news.  We all have friends or family who are affected.  In West Virginia, our children suffer as one or both parents become wrapped up in feeding their addiction.  

Elijah was one of those children.  He was a happy little boy with a sparkle in his eye, full of life and fun.  Until his dad became an addict.  Until his mom finally took the kids and left.  That night, the light in his eyes went out and sorrow and anger filled his soul.  His dad had dabbled in drugs in college but when he married Steve had left that behind.  But then he was hurt.  The injury was misdiagnosed and the pain severe, so eventually a healthcare provider gave him a prescription for Lortabs, four times a day.  It turned into an addiction.  Steve tried many times to quit, even tried Suboxone, but nothing worked.  The marriage suffered.  The kids suffered.  Elijah, at least, saw what was going on with his dad.  Finally, Steve was caught stealing from family and his employer.  His wife Sarah was done.  After years of the stress, the fights, the broken promises, she was done.  “I couldn’t live with it any more.  The kids couldn’t.”  

Filled with shame and self-hatred, Steve saw no way out and contemplated suicide, but he knew he had three children he wanted to care for.  He called 911.  His wife began the surprisingly difficult search to find help for her husband’s addiction.  She no longer cared for him, but he needed to be a good father to their children.  What she found would change their and their children’s lives:  Brian’s Safehouse, a 12 month residential program that would keep him long enough to make a difference and teach him how to live without drugs.  Steve came to the Safehouse broken, but now his marriage is restored, his children healing, Elijah learning to smile again.  Steve has a job in a home for troubled children and teens – their last stop before juvenile detention.  Within a few months of being hired, he was promoted to shift supervisor.  He connects with those kids.  Steve is now giving back:  he pays taxes, provides for his wife and children, is the kind of father he should be.  Brian’s Safehouse provided the tools to make it possible.   

Can you help Brian’s Safehouse?  Because your gift will make it possible for us to rescue more people like Steve, restore more families, heal more children like Elijah.  The new Parvin Day Center will make it possible to serve residents and former residents, provide a gathering place for families in the process of being restored and allow recovering addicts to meet with others and be held accountable to continue on in sobriety.  Classes, counseling, meals, social events – all will take place in this key building.  

Thanks for your gift,

Leon Brush, Executive Director

Brian’s Safehouse
PO Box 1122
Beckley, WV 25802