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West Virginia University Extension Service Offers Families and Health Programs

- 6/2/2016
West Virginia University Extension Service Offers Families and Health Programs

WVU Extension Service provides educational classes to the public on a wide range of topics from; leadership development, diabetes education to relationship education.  Most programs offered are research based and in most cases free of charge.  We have also partnered with PEIA to offer some classes that area available as lunch and learns.  Please take a look at the list of classes below and let us know how we can help your business or organization set up classes that work for you.

A New You
Learn to be the best YOU. Learn to love and accept the body that you have rather than what the media tells you is the body you should have. Focus on proper nutrition, exercise and attitude change. Not a diet program, a lifestyle program. Taught either in 5 week 2 hour classes or 10 week one hour classes. can be adapted to any time frame

Take Charge of your health and Safety
A Program designed for seniors to help them learn about the health and safety risks that occur as we age and some of the warning signs of disease or safety problems. We also discuss strategies to improve your quality of life. Taught in a 2 hour session with handouts and materials.

Prep: Preventative Relationship Enhancement Program

This is a program geared towards married couples. It serves to help those who have been married anywhere from 1 year to 20 years. Not only for those having problems it can help enhance your marriage and give you the skills to make it better. There is a Christian version as well as a regular version. Taught over 6 weeks 2 hour sessions.

P.I.C.K. aka How not to Marry a Jerk or a Jerkette
Wish that you had made better choices in your mate when you were younger?  This is a program geared for adults anywhere from seniors in high school to college age unmarried men and women. This program will help you to pick a mate whether to date or to marry and help you identify the pitfalls that make a relationship go “sour”. This can be taught over 2 weeks (2 Hr sessions) or in a one day 4 hour session. Can also be adapted to high school students for 1 hour

5 Love Languages
This is based on the book by Gary Chapman. Everyone speaks different languages when relating to others. This session will help you to identify what love “language” you are speaking. And what language your spouse, children and co-workers are speaking. If we know the language of the people that we love, this will improve our relationships and our communication.  This is a 2 hour class but can be adapted to a one hour session. Eligible for Social Work CEU’s

Love Languages of Children
Learn how to effectively communicate your love to your child as well as learning how they show love. Based on the book by Gary Chapman. 2 hour class

Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace
Do you feel appreciated at work? One of the main reasons people leave jobs is because they didn’t feel appreciated. This class will help you to be able to give and receive appreciation in the way that means the most to you and your colleagues. Based on the book by Gary Chapman. Usually taught for 2 hrs. Team Building also Social Work CEU’s

Leadership Garden
Discuss leadership skills using a garden analogy. Taught in 1 hour

Stress Management
What causes stress, and how to deal with it effectively. How your color personality helps you deal with stress. Taught usually in 1 ½ hours but can be adapted for time

 Basic Nutrition
Why diets don’t work. What is healthy eating and how to eat healthy? Importance of exercise, and the my-plate food guide. Taught in 1 hour

True Colors
What is your color and what does it say about you as a person. How does it affect your relationships, your career choices and your life. Usually taught in a 2 hour segment but can be adapted to the time frame given. Team Building also Social Work CEU’s

Stress Less with Mindfulness
Learning to deal with and manage stress in a mindful way. Utilizing deep breathing techniques, mindful eating and awareness of the mind body connection. This class can be taught in 5 one hour sessions as a lunch and learn or as a 5 hour all day retreat. Social Work CEU’s

How do we deal with anger and frustration? Sometimes not in the best way. Learn what your triggers are and how to appropriately handle frustration and anger in a constructive way. 4 ½  hour session. Can be done in two different classes. Social Work CEU’s

Stewards of Children/Darkness to Light
Program that deals with child sexual abuse and how we as adults, professionals and educators can protect our children. Focusing on positive solutions and steps to encourage empowerment. 3 hr class. Eligible for Social Work CEU’s

Taking Care of your Spirit
Are you always doing for others and you seem to be last on the priority list? This class helps you identify with being “self-ful” and taking care of yourself without feeling guilty. Class taught in 1 hour.

Have a particular need for a class regarding Health or Nutrition, or any other topic. Just give us a call; we may be able to adapt something to your particular need. All classes can be adapted somewhat into the time frame allotted.  

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